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For this exhibition, recess draws from diverse points across the lands that make up contemporary Australia to showcase artists who explore documentary and fiction through experimental approaches to the video medium.

A recess implies a suspension of time, or a break in formal proceedings. It is also an indented space created by natural or human building, a space connected to but apart from the rest. This indent in time or space defines an approach to exhibiting contemporary moving image works, drafts and creative texts.Every week a new video and complementary text will appear online. Each video will be up for two weeks, meaning there is a one-week overlap between the works. At the end of each fortnight, the earlier video will be taken down but its text will remain archived on the site.

Curated by Olivia Koh

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Image 1: Paul Maheke, Tout en sollicitant le soleil (cupola 1/2), 2012, single channel digital video. Performer: Francis Beaumont Deslauriers.

Image 2: Liang Luscombe, Sweaty Scales, 2019, HD digital video.  Image courtesy the artist.

Image 3: James Nguyen, The Magic Pudding/Bánh Thần, digital video, 2019. Image courtesy: James Nguyen, Nguyễn Thị Kim Dung & Nguyễn Thị Kim Nhung.

Image 4: Nunzio Madden, Bush Doof, 2019, single channel digital video. Image courtesy the artist.

Image 5: Grace Herbert, Now that the journey is over, I don't want any trouble to begin, 2019, digital video. Image courtesy the artist.

Event starts
Friday 8 May, 2020
Event ends
Friday 17 July, 2020
ACE Open Online
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South Australia , ACE Open Online

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