Design your career at Shillington

With the rise of the multi-passionate and the portfolio career, arts professionals are looking to diversify their skills. Here's how at Shillington College.
Design your career at Shillington

Put your creativity into practice. Image: courtesy Shillington College

In the constantly evolving creative industries, diversifying your skillset is essential to sustaining a career in the arts. Design is proving to be a bedrock skill for writers, arts workers, and cultural entrepreneurs, enabling individuals to become dynamic thinkers, gain new perspectives and be flexible in the workforce.

Leading the way in preparing individuals for a multidisciplinary workforce is Shillington College. Recognising the growing demand for design skills, Shillington offers a comprehensive graphic design course which provides the foundations to build or diversify your creative career.

What is unique about studying graphic design at Shillington is the institution’s commitment to making it as easy as possible to achieve proficiency in the fundamentals, without any previous experience in the field. Unlike other courses, Shillington provides a high level of skill and portfolio development in just three months of full time study, or nine months part-time – a blessing to the time-poor arts workers seeking an alternative to the standard two-year commitment other courses offer.  

Shillington also provides an immersive learning environment. Students are taught in a functioning studio setting, with the day to day teaching schedule preparing students technically and psychologically for the dynamic workplace. The course is made up of small, intimate class sizes to ensure that each student gets sufficient guidance and attention in order to thrive.  

The educational opportunity provided by Shillington’s graphic design course makes it impossible to neglect your dreams of a creative career. Students not only learn graphic design fundamentals, but develop problem solving methodologies, presentation skills and a collaborative attitude, which all contribute to the success of various creative pursuits graduates embark upon.

Shillington’s energetic and vibrant campuses are located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Internationally, their campuses can be found in London, Manchester and New York. A student visa is available for the New York campus, and what better way to learn than with a reputable institution, studying a creative course in one of the most inspiring cities in the world.

To learn more about how design skills could benefit your career, information sessions are being held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on Friday 27 November at 6pm.

Will Cudlipp

Thursday 29 October, 2015

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Will Cudlipp is a writer living in Melbourne’s inner east. As well as founding and running Grouch, he manages a warehouse in Port Melbourne and believes that four degrees is the perfect temperature for literary musing.