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Vipoo Srivilasa - Everyday Shrines

Gippsland Art Gallery is pleased to bring the extraordinary porcelain sculptures of Thai-born artist Vipoo Srivilasa to Sale, in his latest exhibition Everyday Shrines.

Presented in association with Craft Victoria as part of their Craft Forward series, Everyday Shrines features fourteen new works, together with an earlier work acquired for the Gallery collection in 2015.

Emigrating to Australia in 1997, Srivilasa’s stunning creations often touch on political and social issues such as racism, religion and Australian culture. His work draws on the traditions of fine Asian porcelain, with its use of cobalt blue and gold lustre, but each piece is entirely unique. He says:

“These blue and white works have explored things that are shared with my native Thailand and my new home, Australia. I use blue and white as a reference to the porcelain of China exported to Europe hundreds of years ago, but also to my own migration from Thailand to Australia, from east to west”.

Some works included in the exhibition, such as Coat of Arms and Land of Success, shine a spotlight on national pride and Australian values, while Tree Nymph and Beckoning Kangaroo present a strange mash-up of Australian and Asian symbology. Srivilasa’s sculptures are both extraordinarily beautiful and present a humorous commentary on our everyday society.

Vipoo Srivilasa’s exhibition Everyday Shrines will be officially launched at the Gippsland Art Gallery on Thursday 29 March at 6.00pm. Members of the public are welcome and are invited to meet the artist and discuss his work. The exhibition continues until 17 June.

Craft Forward is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.


Event starts
Thursday 29 March, 2018
Event Ends
Sunday 17 June, 2018
Gippsland Art Gallery
Venue Address
70 Foster St

Victoria, Sale