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Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Industrial Design)

Queensland University of Technology

About the Course

Industrial designers play a part in the creation of the thousands of products people use each day, in all walks of life. This includes hot new consumer devices, more efficient work products, safer industrial tools, even medical equipment. Industrial designers make people’s lives safer, happier, more efficient and fun.

Industrial designers do not just design products, they also think in terms of the context in which products exist and the experience of using them. They understand technology and innovation, people and society, design process and problem solving then bring these things together to create innovative, attractive, sustainable and useful products and systems that are viable to produce and distribute.

Why choose this course?

Graduates of this course have an outstanding record of achievement nationally and globally. The hands-on program has a strong focus on technology and design leadership which is highly valued in the business community. Graduates are equipped with strong, applied design research and product-usability knowledge, and can make an immediate and positive contribution to the industry, community and profession. Students who are passionate about design thrive in this course, finding it engaging and fulfilling.

The course combines the technical aspects of design, design management, computer-aided industrial design (CAID) technology, human factors and ergonomics with innovation, aesthetics, marketing, cultural and social values, and design leadership.

You will develop the capacity to contribute to the design of products and systems for the mutual benefit of users and manufacturers of a diverse range of products.

During your degree you will benefit from a wide range of activities such as study trips and project presentations, as well as QUT’s strong collaborative links with international and national professionals and business communities. Each semester students are involved in hands-on design units focusing on all aspects of the profession.

This course has been assessed as a bachelor honours degree which is a higher-level qualification than a bachelor degree. The advanced knowledge and skills in this course will benefit your professional career or future research and study.

Career outcomes

Graduates have a broad range of skills and knowledge which they apply to diverse careers. This includes employment as industrial designers in, or as owners of, industrial design firms, with design departments of product manufacturers, and as entrepreneurs who design and produce their own products.

In addition, graduates have applied their abilities in related fields working as usability experts, interaction designers, interface designers, corporate identity designers, model makers, movie special effects producers, design managers, design researchers, computer-aided design experts, game designers, new product developers, design leadership experts and strategic design experts.

Professional recognitionGraduates qualify for associate membership of the Design Institute of Australia. The course is an educational member of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design.


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