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Bachelor of Design

Edith Cowan University (ECU)

About the Course

This course develops an informed, critical, creative approach to understanding media, design and visual culture within a rapidly evolving environment.

Creative industries are an increasingly important component of the global economy and design provides a basis for using creativity to address social, environmental, economic and communication challenges. The course focuses on the creation and exploitation of intellectual property through a range of disciplines such as graphic design, games and interactivity, environmental and spatial design and animation. Students will research and develop original products that impact on audiences and address practical outcomes for users. 

The course enables students to develop the technical and general skills that make them ready for employment and enable them to develop along with the design industry itself.

Internship option

Work Integrated Learning is available to students in the following forms:
- All students are required to complete industry projects through the unit DES3208
- All students engage with industry and have site visits through the unit CCA3111 Preparation for Professional Life
- Students are able to complete the unit CCA3104 Professional Placement and have it count towards their major
- Students are able to undertake individual industry projects through the unit CCA3108 Independent Study and have it count towards their major.

Attendance requirements

Attendance requirements are outlined within the WIL units.

Employment opportunities

Employment is available in Graphic Design, Interior Design and Web Design. Increasingly, Design is a valued skill in a range of ancillary industries and students can work in transdisciplinary areas such as designing games for education and training, working with architectural design companies to create visualisations and plan and manage public space, work with information industries such as libraries, archives and museums. The course equips students in managing projects, clients, and their roles in teams as well as the generic skills required to adapt to a rapidly evolving industry.

Related careers

Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Web Designer, Game Designer, Animator, Conceptual Artist, Illustrator.

Majors you can study in this course
Environmental and Spatial Design
Games and Interactivity
Graphic Design


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