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Adobe InDesign Primer

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About the Course

This workshop will get you started in InDesign. It covers the core tools, organisation of resources, prepping and linking images in Photoshop, text fundamentals, export options including PDFs, design and layout tips, how CMYK works and why it matters, text and object effects and so many other little tips that really make a difference for work or personal life.

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"I found it valuable as a very first step, but more! More!" Felicity
"Gave a good basic overview to make ID less scary!" Kylee
"Very thorough for an introductory course. " Dean
"Very useful covered lots of ground. Very well informed trainer." Angus
"Well explained thorough! Very interesting!" Helen
"Brad made it easy to comprehend." Peter
"Filled in the gaps to provide me a solid working knowledge of InDesign." Sian

About your tutor:
Brad has over 30 years of teaching experience which extends across the areas of school education, community and adult education, disabilities and business.

Brad's training skills have particularly been focused upon the ever developing areas of digital imaging and related IT over the past 12 years and he is highly regarded for his innovation in the area.

Brad works to focused philosophy...."it is my job to make the complex simple for anyone who needs to understand".


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