Multiplatform Story and Design Intensive

AFTRS-Australian Film Television and Radio School

About the Course

Are you interested in creating meaningful digital experiences that connect with audience? The current digital media landscape covers a wide range of media formats and platforms, so content creators need to be able to access and engage their audiences in their natural digital habitats. So you need to know who your users/audience are, where they are, what they are viewing, and how they are interacting long before you start producing or developing your ideas. Over this five-day intensive youll develop a digital media project idea through to a finished prototype.


In this course you will learn about storytelling through the lens of digital Experience Design, which is the process of enhancing peoples satisfaction with a product or experience by improving the usability, accessibility, and enjoyment derived from their interaction with it.

Working in collaborative groups, youll expand your storytelling and production skills through a series of practical and technical workshops that will help you to think beyond any single format and develop a more holistic approach to your creative ideas that truly engages people, whether creating a web series, website, app, game, virtual reality, augmented reality, or other interactive experience or product. The process of discovery and development is the same and it begins with knowing your audience, what they want and what they need. You will learn about:

Multiplatform Storytelling Techniques
How to Create Storyworlds
Intro to Design Thinking and HCD (Human Centered Design) Principles
Defining the Brief
User Research and Market Research interviews, contextual inquiry, surveys; development of personas and scenarios
Analysis and Synthesis of Research defining the problem statement; affinity diagramming techniques
Ideation and Design Strategy developing user stories, user journeys, features list
Paper Prototyping and basic Usability Testing defining functionality and the UX (User Experience)
IA (Information Architecture) and Content Mapping sitemaps, wireframes, developing task flows and content hierarchy
Iterative Hi-fidelity Prototyping and refinement
Pitching and Presenting selling your idea


Because you need to learn to apply or extend your storytelling skills to the development of useful products, experiences and services.

By learning to apply human-centered design principles and processes to your creative ideas, youll be able to understand, research, analyse, ideate, plan, scope, structure, prototype, design, test, and pitch a multiplatform digital project (and lets face it these days- everything should be multiplatform!)


Beginners welcome! Anyone can learn these techniques and processes just bring your creativity and an open-mind. You will need a reasonable level of computer literacy.


There will be some prep work to do prior to this five-day course.


Wonderful course and excellent tutor. Kates knowledge, style and delivery were all very engaging. I also really loved the focus and merging of storytelling with digital content production.


Kate Ayrton is an experienced digital content producer having worked with a number of advertising agencies, digital agencies, broadcasters, production companies, and digital content studios over the past 15+ years. She currently freelances on virtual reality, augmented reality, TVC, web, and other interactive digital media projects for clients such as SBS, Samsung, Foxtel, Telstra, PWC, NSW OEH, and Vivid Festival.

A graduate of New York University (NYU) film school and University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with a Bachelor in Film and Theatre Studies and a Master in Interactive Multimedia, Kate has worked as a screenwriter in Los Angeles where she was represented by CAA and also teaches digital media workshops for organisations like ScreenWest, the ABC and Metro Screen where she taught a 6-month Diploma in Screen & Media in 2015.


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